ULAB's stance on campus politics

ULAB's stance on campus politics

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The recent announcement of the introduction of a student wing of a political party to ULAB and other private universities has come to us as a surprise. Many students and guardians, too, have expressed their worries. In response, we would like to clarify our position.

As per the charter of the university, ULAB is a non-political, non-profit academic institution. In the last eighteen years, we have built a fine institution with a unique and safe learning environment. Maintaining such an environment remains our highest priority. We are encouraged to see that our stakeholders—students, guardians, alumni, and faculty—share the same spirit. It is equally encouraging to see that the honourable Minister of Education, Dr. Dipu Moni, has also left it up to the institutions and their stakeholders to decide what is best for them.

As per Private University Act Clause 9(5), we are duty-bound to ensure the protection of movement, study and security of life of the students in the university. However, given the realities of student politics in Bangladesh, we believe that the security conditions laid out in the Private University Act will be jeopardised if partisan political activities are allowed on campus.

Considering our code of conduct and university charter, we do not allow any partisan political activity or group representation which may disrupt our regular activities. At the same time, we discourage all concerned from any unauthorised use of our name or logo. Any such violations by ULAB students will be considered a serious breach of the Student Code of Conduct for which appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. 

ULAB is committed to preparing responsible citizens who can make informed choices in their lives. We believe students can best develop political sense through critical discourses, co-curricular activities, and community engagements. We remain committed to the growth of our students as future leaders in manners that are constructive and conducive to a safe space of learning for all students.

With your cooperation, we would like to maintain the sanctity and integrity of the institution.


from the Office of The Registrar