ULAB Faculty Attend IEB Training

Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB)

Professor Dr. Samia Subrina, Dr. Mirza Rasheduzzaman, Dr. Shahriar Rahman and Dr. Mohammad Golam Kibria from the School of Engineering, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) participated in a workshop entitled "The Implementation of Complex Engineering Problem Solving (WP) and Complex Engineering Activities (EA)" at Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB) on 18 June 2019. The day-long workshop organized by the Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE), was facilitated by Dr. Siti Hawa Hamzah and Engineer Liew Chia Pao from the Board of Engineers, Malaysia. The participants engaged in group discussions and presentations. The workshop facilitators displayed in-depth exchange on essential subjective issues with an accreditation-specific objective.