Tips in Preparing for ISO Audit

International Standard Organization

To be fully prepared for the ISO Audit, there are certain expectation from departments/units before, during and after the ISO Audit.

Before the ISO Audit

Kindly ensure that the department/unit has:

  • appropriate policies (with flowcharts if necessary) for all its major operations;
  • a master list of documents;
  • documents/forms with appropriate number and version;
  • signed approval of all its documents/forms;
  • a compilation of completed documents/forms from May to August 2019;
  • an assigned person or persons who is/are in-charge of document/form control; and
  • conducted a management review ensuring that the documents/forms are in order.

During the ISO Audit

Kindly ensure that the department/unit:

  • can easily retrieve the documents/forms being sought by the auditor. If it takes more than five minutes to retrieve a document, it means that the filing system of the department is not being done properly; and
  • files its documents/forms by alphabetical order or has some logic in the filing of documents/forms.

After the ISO Audit

Kindly ensure that the department/unit:

  • continue with the practice of record keeping. Remember that the ISO will conduct a follow up audit after one year.
  • will reflect form/document modifications/revisions in the master list (if any).