Sixth Quality Assurance Committee Convened

The Sixth Quality Assurance Committee meeting convened at the Board Room, Campus-A on 10 April 2019. Photo: IQAC-ULAB

The University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh convened for the sixth time its Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) on 10 April 2019 at 4pm in Chancellery, Campus-A. The QAC is responsible for the institutional oversight of IQAC. ULAB Vice Chancellor Professor H M Jahirul Haque acts as QAC Chair. The meeting covered the following agenda; achievements of HEQEP; approval of agenda for academic council discussions; ISO accreditation preparation; Workplan for 2019 and Quality Assurance Organogram. The following training activities have been planned for this year: Workshop on Course Teaching; Course Design; Assessment of Learning; Measurement and Evaluation; Ethics; and Governance. Regarding research activities, IQAC plans to complete the 2019 Institutional Survey and In-depth Interview on 2018 Survey. IQAC intends to produce an Exam Manual and Student Advising Manual. Lastly, IQAC aims for Process Management Automation, QS Ranking inclusion and continuing the IQAC Bulletin.