MSJ conducts Assessment of Learning Workshops

MSJ Faculty Members after the Workshops on Assessment of Learning; Measurement and Evaluation

The Department of Media Studies and Journalism organized workshops on Assessment of Learning; and Measurement and Evaluation for its new faculty members on 25 and 26 September 2019. A total of 10 faculty members participated in the both workshops. The workshop on Assessment of Learning covered the following contents; Assessment Definition, Purpose and Importance, Assessment Principles and Myths, Functions of Assessment, Reflective Assessment, Other Types of Assessment, Assessment Rubrics. The workshop on Measurement and Evaluation covered the following contents; Concepts: Testing, Measurement and Evaluation, Tests: Purposes and characteristics, Stages in Test Construction, Common Test Types (True or False, Multiple Choice, Matching Type, Completion/Supply, Essay), Alternative Test Methods (Classroom Assessment, Portfolios, Concept Mapping, Laboratory Performance etc. The sessions were facilitated by Prof. Jude William Genilo, Director of IQAC along with Dr. Kazi Mahmudur Rahman, Associate Professor; Shazzad Hossain, Assistant Professor; and Bikash Chandra Bhowmick, Assistant Professor.