MSJ SAC Conducts Curriculum Development Workshop

The Self Assessment Committee of ULAB’s Media Studies and Journalism has conducted a workshop on Curriculum Development on September 22 and 25. A total of 9 full time faculty members attended this workshop. This was followed up with 10 part time faculty on October 1, 2016.The following topics were covered in these workshops; Course Outline Template, Core Competencies Required by Professional Associations, Bloom's Taxonomy, Core Competency Mapping. In this way, the department can say for certain that it is teaching knowledge, attitude and skills required by industry. The SAC will proceed with the core competency mapping for its graduate programme. The SAC of Media Studies and Journalism is composed in the following faculty members; Dr. Sumon Rahman (Chair), Dr. Sarkar Barbaq Quarmal (Member) and Ms. Marium Akther (Member). In this workshop Dr. Jude William Genilo, Director of IQAC was present and gave some guidelines.