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03 Jul 2014
The website (ulab-conference) for the International ELT Conference 2014, organized by the Department of English... see detail

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Welcome to ULAB

Our unique curriculum fosters the values of creativity, freedom and service. ULAB students become real learners, not just job-seekers; and our faculty generators of knowledge, not mere suppliers. We draw upon the world's intellectual traditions to respond to urgencies of the present. Only through such active and liberal learning do we build true leaders of the future.



25 Jul 2014Social Welfare Club Distributes Clothes to the Poor see detail
24 Jul 2014ULAB lost their last group match by 120 runs against Leeds Bradford MCCU,... see detail
23 Jul 2014Dean's List Scholarship Spring 2014 see detail
23 Jul 2014Vice Chancellor's Honors List Scholarship Spring 2014 see detail
23 Jul 2014ULAB won their second group match by 7 wickets against University of Jamaica... see detail
23 Jul 2014Red Bulls Campus Cricket World Finals: University of Pretoria (TUKS), South Africa clinches... see detail
13 Jul 2014Introducing ULAB's new Dean of Business see detail
10 Jul 2014ULAB Thursday Talks see detail