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Welcome to ULAB

Our unique curriculum fosters the values of creativity, freedom and service. ULAB students become real learners, not just job-seekers; and our faculty generators of knowledge, not mere suppliers. We draw upon the world's intellectual traditions to respond to urgencies of the present. Only through such active and liberal learning do we build true leaders of the future.



13 Apr 2015Boishakhi Utshab 1422 see detail
12 Apr 2015 Research Grant Award for the 2014/2015 Research Round see detail
09 Apr 2015Women Techmakers 2015 see detail
07 Apr 2015'Will' Power Shakespeare Anniversary see detail
07 Apr 2015Seminar on "Internet of things: Challenges and Opportunities in Bangladesh" see detail
07 Apr 2015ULAB Book Fair 2015 see detail
06 Apr 2015Programming Adda see detail
06 Apr 2015Seminar on "Smart Phone Ecosystem - Scope, Applications and Future Technologies" see detail